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The Debt - Complete Series

Par Charlotte Byrd

  • Date de Parution : 2016-05-30
  • Genre: Erotic Romance
Score: 4
From 112 Ratings
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When 25 yr. old waitress, Brielle, receives a mysterious check for $250,000, she uses the money to pay for her mother's very expensive cancer treatment, saving her life. 

Two years later, she is called to pay back her debt. All she has to do is travel to an isolated mansion and work for one year as a personal assistant to an arrogant a*****e whom she hates. 

Wyatt Wild is a gorgeous alpha billionaire playboy who is not used to girls saying no to him. He has bedded models, actresses and socialites and then a waitress from some crappy roadside cafe dares to reject him. Who does she think she is? 

Wyatt always gets what he wants and his desires focus on the innocent and stubborn Brielle. Neither give in easily and they quickly get locked in a game of seduction. 

Commentaires Client : ✪✪✪✪✪

  • The Debt

    By BelleBT
    I just loved the combined love stories of Wyatt and Brielle and of Gatsby and Annabelle. The Wild children grow up without parental love but in the end find true love. Even Atticus and Ophelia find their lost humanity. The plots are so intricately woven and I was so pulled into the stories that I could not put down the series till I had read the very last word!
  • The debt(IBooks)

    By Tiffany Deforrest
    Can't wait to read the rest on my iBooks!! Great books so far!
  • The Debt complete series

    By Deadfall it's
    Not what I thought it would be good. Eh
  • The Debt By Charlotte Byrd (review by Jen Cary)

    By Annomonity
    Wow! This was a book with an unexpected bit good twist. Wyatt does't take no for an answer but Brielle doesn't want a relationship right now. Wyatt wants her and secretly she wants him too, its just that her mom is sick with cancer( which Wyatt learns from he older lady Brielle works with.) After working all day and coming home to take care of her mom Brielle receives a large check in the mail form someone mysterious. I think Wyatt secretly truing to get to Brielle by helping her mom. Then his brother Gatsby falls for Annabelle and through a rocky relationship they too fall in love.
  • One word.... MAGNIFICENT

    By coli0424
    This book took me through a rollercoaster of emotions. Plenty of times I felt myself in the characters position! I'm glad I bought the full series i can't wait to read more about why happens next! Oh and I looove gatspy!!
  • The Debt

    By Mycrazyside
    Great book. Can't wait to see what the next holds
  • Amazing.

    By Mimbybear
    This book set is amazing. It took me two days to read the whole set and I oved every minute of it. The characters are detalied and the stories are steady with nice plots. Sweet love, passion, second chanes, betrayal, and survival are some of the things you find within the pages. Well done, Charlotte.
  • Great read

    By Khackbarth35
    Definitely enjoyed reading this book! Great characters and story line.
  • The debt

    By Childs a
    Awesome awesome book, couldn't put it down, I would read it on my lunch break and when that was over I found myself sneaking into the ladies room just to read more. Thank you
  • Love The Debt!

    By Tinabop38
    I love this book! I couldn't put it down. I fell in love with both Wild brothers!