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Word of Honor

Par Nelson DeMille

  • Date de Parution : 2001-04-01
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 163 Ratings
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With nearly 50 million books sold worldwide, Nelson DeMille is "a true master." - Dan Brown

He is a good man, a brilliant corporate executive, an honest, handsome family man admired by men and desired by women. But sixteen years ago Ben Tyson was a lieutenant in Vietnam.

There, in 1968, the men under his command committed a murderous atrocity-and together swore never to tell the world what they had done. Not the press, army justice, and the events he tried to forget have caught up with Ben Tyson. His family, his career, and his personal sense of honor hang in the balance. And only one woman can reveal the truth of his past -- and set him free.

Commentaires Client : ✪✪✪✪✪

  • Worth the read

    By Dan Ran
    I'm a big DeMille fan and have read a lot of his books. This one was one of his best.
  • Outstanding read

    By J David
    I could relate to the Vietnam experience from two back to back tours of duty in-country 1966-1968 as a Hospital Corpsman in support of the Marines. Sadly, the book reveled many of the memories that are best forgotten; however it helped to cleanse the soul somewhat. What did I learn? That war is hell, but inescapable in the climate of even today's world. I highly recommend this book as a taste of the tragedy of war time and the effect it has on the human soul.
  • Word of Honor

    By Boysmumas
    By boysmumas Excellent read. Many twists and turns. Loved the ending.
  • Word of Honor

    By Demille reader
    Great read. Suspenseful in its own sort of unique fashion, definitely unlike and any Vietnam-era story I've ever heard told. Fantastic characters keep this honest and real.
  • Word of Honor

    By ShadowLizGonz
    Terrific writing. One of Nelson Demille's best books.
  • Word of Honor

    By Robert Loblein
    Great read, well done!
  • Word of Honor

    By Mbsjk
    Not DeMille's best, but still good
  • Brilliant

    By Peadar Og
    First read many years ago. Easily Demilles's best. A genuinely good well written story. Highly recommended.
  • Word of honor

    By Pickem
    As is often the case, the early books written by an author are his/her best. Such is the case with Word of Honor. It's many years since I read it but I do recall the story was outstanding, the writing terrific and really better than his later books.