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Night Fall

Par Nelson DeMille

  • Date de Parution : 2004-11-01
  • Genre: Literary
Score: 4.5
From 268 Ratings
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On a Long Island beach at dusk, Bob Mitchell and Janet Whitney conduct their illicit love affair in front of a video camera, set to record each steamy moment. Suddenly a terrible explosion lights up the sky. Grabbing the camera, the couple flees as approaching police cars speed toward the scene. Five years later, the crash of TWA Flight 800 has been attributed to a mechanical malfunction. But for John Corey and Kate Mayfield, both members of the elite Anti-terrorist Task Force, the case is not closed. Suspecting a cover-up at the highest levels and disobeying orders, they set out to find the one piece of evidence that will prove the truth about what really happened to Flight 800 - the videotape that shows a couple making love on the beach and the last moments of the doomed airliner.

Commentaires Client : ✪✪✪✪✪

  • One of my ND favorites

    By Sidneesimms
    Truly Amazing!
  • Not his best

    By Bazinga62
    Take a pass on this one. I find most of his work to be 5 star, but this one took a while to get going and left me flat at the end.
  • Great Book!!!!

    By Gia'sMOM
    This is a terrific book. It's technically fiction but it reads like a true story. The characters are well developed and everything makes perfect sense, right up to the last scene. When I finished reading it, I wanted to retread it right then. My favorite of all his books.
  • Too good to put down.

    By JP the Wanderer
    This book kept me going. Enjoyed the twists in the plot and John Corey's wit. I was disappointed when I came to the last page and the book was over. Can't wait to pick up the next book in the series.
  • Fun to read

    By My waxe
    DeMille takes historical events and takes you on a journey through a very believable set of circumstances to arrive at a new place, different from where you were before reading this story. Loved it!
  • Great as all his work. I would read it again.

    By Gordonitis
    This was the first of his books that I have read. It was excellent as all his books. This one is about what happened to flight 93 I think. The official findings were that a center fuel tank exploded. This books take a different approach. Very interesting. You won't be able to put it down.
  • Timeless book

    By ORboarder
    I love Nelson Demille, and this certainly didn't disappoint. The ending left my jaw on the floor. I can't help but feel that Mr. Demille was trying to share some personal convictions in this book, and I wonder if this piece of contemporary literature won't be read in future classrooms as a way to peer into the inner workings of our modern day government. I LOVED IT Keep on writing Nelson! Pete