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Viper Game

Par Christine Feehan

  • Date de Parution : 2015-01-27
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 4.5
From 101 Ratings
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Sink your teeth into this #1 New York Times bestselling GhostWalker novel—a “fantastic, sinister tale of danger and treachery”(RT Book Reviews).

GhostWalker Wyatt Fontenot knows the price he paid for the secret military experiments that gave him his special catlike abilities. After all, he left his bayou home a healer and came back a killer. While Wyatt and his GhostWalker brother Gator may have known exactly the sort of game they were getting into, Wyatt never anticipated where it would lead—or to whom.

The swamps hold many mysteries, but few are as sinuously seductive as Le Poivre de Cayenne. The woman the locals call Pepper is every bit as enigmatic as the three little girls she’s desperately trying to protect. From what, Wyatt is soon to discover. Right now Pepper needs a man like Wyatt. Passionately. But her secrets are about to take them both deeper into the bayou than either imagined—where desire is the deadliest poison of all.


Commentaires Client : ✪✪✪✪✪

  • Where is the Bonus Excerpt of Night Game Promised?

    By Lsmith1982
    I liked the book but did not see the extra content promised on Night Game? I don't like that I was looking for the extra content and did not get it. Frustrating. However, I like the promise of a new book with the Black Window. I enjoy this series and want to keep it coming but Feehan needs to get back to some of her older character development. We want passion and love, not just sex as the other review stated. I also like when the heroine either kicks serious butt or the hero saves her. But it in this book, the heroine's method of attack and lack of true struggle was disappointing. She was neither truly saved or the savior. Please keep writing but get back to the plot where Whitney is truly a villain, able to be seen and possibly defeated, or better villains that they can come up against. The mastermind supposedly in this book was a real disappointment too. He was a fat weak scientist that created some nasty super soldiers but that was it. I liked some things, especially Wyatt's character and those of his team. His relationship with Nonny is great, but I think the book could have been better. Bring back the danger, angst, and love of the earlier books. I would still recommend this book but her earlier books were better.
  • Disappointed

    By Rp42995
    I have read all of Ms. Feehan's books and I used to love them. This last installment of the Ghostwalker Series was a flop compared to the first few in the series. There was no character development or even relationship development -only the overwhelming need for sex. If I wanted to read about sex, I wouldn't choose books out of the romance section. I wish Ms. Feehan would go back to her original style. Those first books were amazing!